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Phuket Fishing Port

While on a drive around Phuket and by chance, we stumbled on the Phuket fishing port, early in the morning when the boats were unloading their catch. The port was buzzing, people everywhere, trucks picking up passive quantities of fish and lots of buyers. Very interesting scene but more particularly one section of the port caught our eyes where a yellow fin tuna wholesale market was in full activity. This depot was not advertised and partly hidden from view behind large industrial curtains. The tunas were unloaded from a Chinese fishing boat and selected by 4 or 5 buyers for the local and Bangkok market. Each fish was tested for quality then cleaned and packed in large cardboard boxes to finish in the truck freezers. Here are some photos of this interesting scene.

Fishing boats of Phuket

These are typical fishing boats found on the andaman in Phuket. These boats are quite large but not the biggest and generally used for fishing squids or laying nets.

Fisherman selecting the morning catch

Burmese workers go through the morning catch, selecting by hand the fish to sort them by size. This particular worker was not looking at the camera but at a scene between buyers and sellers. His face is covered with a white paste to protect him from the sun.

Fisherman picking through trash to recycle

This old man was going around the fishing port picking up plastic boats and other recyclables to sell to recycling centers. The port is quite dirty and a lot of trash floats around. People going through trash to find plastics and metals to sell is quite common in Thailand.

Yellow tuna at the Phuket fishing port
The yellow fin tunas are unloaded from the fishing boats to be presented to the buyers. Each buyers will remove 2 small meat samples from the tail and near the head of the tunas to test for its quality. The more red the meat is, the more valued the fish is.
Yellow tuna wholesale market
Selected tunas are numbered, weight, cleaned and packed into these large cardboard boxes with a plastic lining. The boxes are loaded into these freezer-trucks to be taken to Bangkok for the local and international markets.
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Travel and accommodation guide for Phuket Thailand