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Phuket beaches guide for your holidays and accommodation

Phuket has a lot of great beaches and none are the same. Choosing the right location for your holidays and accommodation can make a big difference for your vacation. Travelling with a family requires a lot of planning involving a careful choice of location. Phuket has a bit of everything for everyone but you must choose well to avoid unwanted surprises. Below you will find detailed reviews of the most popular beaches in Phuket with details to where to stay, what to visit and where to eat.



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Nai Harn Beach

This is a beautiful bay and beach at the southern end of Phuket following the coastal road after Kata. During the good season, Nai Harn Beach is safe to swim but can be a bit more dangerous when the high winds begin and during the rainy season. The area around the beach is very nice, with a pine-tree park surrounded by a large sea-fresh water lake, small shops and lots of beach side restaurants. The large lake has a watergate which is regularly opened to let the water flow back into the sea which creates a fun attraction for kids, go to the end of the beach to see this river and let the kids enjoy the fast flowing water. There is very little accommodation on Nai Harn Beach, you will find:

Kata Noi Beach

Kata Noi Beach is a small bay located just around the corner from Kata Beach. “Noi” in Thai means “small” which is separated from Kata Beach by a headland and can easily be accessed by driving though the main Kata town. Kata Noi offers some restaurants, little shops and 2 dominant resorts on the beach along the beach road. The accommodation offered on Kata Noi is as follow:

Kata Beach

Further north of Nai Harn, south of Karon along the coastal road you will find the very pleasant beach of Kata and its gorgeous bay. Kata Beach is very safe for swimming and the entire area is fun to visit with lots of shops, restaurants and massage shops. The entire area is very pleasant in the evening and a good alternative to Patong Beach. The beach has clean white sand, clear waters and shaded areas to hide from the hot tropical sun. Kata Beach is home to many hotels and resorts offering lots of options for your vacation.

Karon Beach

Karon Beach is a very long beach, lots of sand! The beach does not have much shade but you can always rent a long-chair with a sun umbrella to protect yourself from too much sun. The sea is quite safe during the good season but it is always red-flagged during the windy and rainy season as it can be very dangerous. The beach is protected from developments by the beach road and small sand dunes, therefore all the accommodation is either located on the other side of the beach road and in the small streets of the Karon town. Karon also offers a myriad of restaurants, shops and small bars to keep your evenings well entertained. Also the beach road you will find very nice resorts and some large resort-hotel complex suited for a good family vacation.

Patong Beach

The best known beach in Phuket! Not the most beautiful beach in Phuket but without doubt the most popular, partly for its wide range of entertainment venues, myriad of accommodation of all type, huge shopping, unlimited restaurants and lots of activities. Patong Beach is a party house, where you will find everything and everyone. Patong Beach is also a large bay stretching kilometers bordered by pine trees, kid playgrounds, resting spots, beach massage and all the small beach-side amenities you will need to enjoy a day at the beach. The sea is safe for swimming during the good season.

Kamala Beach

Kamala Beach and its village are located on the east coast of Phuket approximately in the middle. You can easily reach Kamala beach by following the coastal road, going north from Patong beach. Kamala Beach is a very long sandy bay with high hills in the background. The village is quiet and relaxed compared to the busy Patong Beach.

Laem Singh Beach

Laem Singh Beach is a hip little beach sandwiched between the Kamala headland and Surin Beach. It is very small and only accessible by a steep path from the road, you can’t miss it as you are driving from Kamala Beach to Surin, you will notice lots of cars and bikes parked alongside the road. During the high season, Laem Singh Beach can get a bit busy so it is best to judge how crowded it is by estimating the number of tourist bikes parked. The beach does not have any accommodation but has a few little restaurants, beach massage and beach chair rentals.
Do not be surprised if you are asked to pay a parking fee, I am not quite sure if there is any regulations imposing this parking fee or if it is the customary local “parking fee”, the fee is very small.

Surin Beach

Surin Beach is quite popular amongst local residents and tourists alike. You can find this beautiful beach north of Kamala and Patong beach following the Phuket west coastal road. Surin Beach used to be more natural a few years back but despite being more popular and less natural, the entire area is still a pleasure to visit. The long sandy bay of Surin offers very good quality sand, turquoise waters and a huge variety of restaurants for you to enjoy a light lunch and romantic dinner with your feet in the sand and your eyes fixed to the amazing sunset.

Pansea Beach

Pansea Beach is located after Surin Beach along the coast, it is a very small bay with white sand and tranquil waters. There are 2 ways to access this beach, first by following the coast line along the rocks at the end of Surin Beach, easy walk and second through the high end resort and residential park of the Chedi and Amanpuri Resorts. You can go through the resorts to access the beach as it is illegal for the staff to stop you from accessing the beach area but once on the beach all the services offered are from the resort so do not expect to find small restaurants or beach chair rental independent from the resorts. Do try out this beach at around 6pm and enjoy the amazing sunset.

Bangtao Beach

Bangtao Beach is quite famous because of the resorts that border it. Bangtao Beach is a very long bay stretching 6 kilometers, offering lots of accommodation, entertainment, restaurants and everything else under the blazing sun of Phuket. Bangtao Beach has a well-defined topography, starting with a fishing village and small boat repair outlets, to beach side restaurants, to the Phuket Laguna Park of resorts, to a variety of sea food restaurants, to a long stretch of nature and finishes off with a national park and a small inhabited island of Layan.

Nai Thong Beach

Nai Thong Beach is not known but it is a wonderful beach shaded by pine trees, coated with white sand and serviced by very nice locals. There are a few resorts along the beach road which I will detail below.
If you are looking for a quiet and relaxing time, then this beach is for you but it is a bit far from the more popular southern beaches. To locate this beach you will need to travel on the main road towards the airport or follow the coastal road going North of Phuket. If you are travelling by taxi, I recommend you negotiate some deal with the driver to come pick you up or stay on Nai Thong and wait for you. The beach is not well taxi-serviced so you may end up getting stuck there for a while.

Nai Yang Beach

Nai Yang Beach is becoming more popular with travellers looking for tranquility, seclusion and a safe family environment. Nai Yang is a very safe bay with clean sand and protected from high seas by a rocky reef a few hundred meters from the shore. The bay is actually quite long stretching some 10 kilometers as it merges with Mai Khao beach, only separated by a very small sandy headland at the end of the national park of Nai Yang.
Nai Yang Beach is only 2 kilometers from the airport, but you can barely hear planes arriving and leaving Phuket International Airport. The bay is bordered by the Sirinath National Park, which is a pine forest offering shade from the tropical sun of Phuket. Under the pine trees, you will find nice little shops, beach massage and some very good seafood restaurants. Nai Yang beach remains an undiscovered favorite spot of Phuket island.
You can read more about Nai Yang Beach, see lots of photos and find great accommodation by clicking here.

Mai Khao Beach

Mai Khao Beach is the last beach north of Phuket stretching from the small headland of Nai Yang, pass the airport and going all the way to the Sarasin Bridge. Mai Khao Beach was made famous for its high end resort JW Marriott Resort and later to some other secluded resorts and hotels. The beach can be a bit dangerous as the shore goes deep very quickly so I do not recommend it for small children. If you are not staying in the resorts bordering the shoreline, I still recommend visiting the area as it is very pleasant, undeveloped and nicely shaded by tall casuarina pine trees. Mai Khao Beach is also one of the last beach on Phuket where green turtles lay their eggs and each year the local turtle conservation center of the Phuket Aquarium, release hundreds of newly born turtles from their early start breeding program.



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