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Phuket nightlife - attractions and night activities in Phuket

From the notorious beach-resort town of Patong, to the popular areas of the old Phuket town, and the different beaches along the coast, the island of Phuket has hundreds of places of keep your holiday evenings well entertained and unforgettable. In short Phuket is a party house, attracting all sorts of tourists, DJs, families and anyone in search of a party-continuum to complete your Phuket holiday.

If you are on holiday with your family, as a couple, with a bunch of friends or alone, Phuket has something for you. Phuket is not only about go-go bars and the notorious Bangla road of Patong; it is a mix of evening and night entertainment activities for all ages. Live music pubs, jazz music nights, comedy shows, night golf and mini golf, cabaret shows, Las Vegas style shows, beer bars, go-go bars, night clubs, cocktail clubs, beach restaurants, cinemas, Thai boxing, massage, shopping, and the list goes on and on.

Phuket nightlife and its nightclubs

Top ten evening and night activities in no particular order:

  • Watch a movie – top class Cineplex venues can be found at Central Festival Phuket, Jung Ceylon Patong, and Robinson shopping department store in Phuket town. The price is extremely reasonable, at about 120 Baht per seat or 400 Baht for a sofa for two and 500 Baht per person for the Central Festival Phuket VIP movie theater. New movies are available each Saturday which is very good despite being a few months behind US and Europe release dates.

  • Get a well-deserved massage – Thai, oil and aromatherapy massages are very famous in Thailand and Phuket. You can easily find massage outlets and spas in Phuket, offering from a simple (but great!) foot massage, to a full body oil or Thai massage, to a full day spa retreat, proposing packages with different program for unforgettable experiences.

  • Go for a relaxing diner on the beach or in quiet areas of Phuket – Phuket’s most valuable assets are its pristine beaches and the nightlife that goes around each one differently. Go to Surin Beach to discover a myriad of restaurants located directly on the beach, in which you can dine like a king with a view on the most sparkling sunset. Patong Beach also offers a wide selection of sea view restaurants but it is a bit busier.

  • Go to a cabaret show, Phuket Fantasea a spectacular entertainment show or a Thai boxing game – Phuket is well tailored to entertain individual and family travellers. It may not be Las Vegas but it does have its share of large Vegas style shows. Reserve some of your evenings to go see the Simon Cabaret show and the Phuket Fantasea. Both are spectacular and well worth the time.

  • Go to a bar (or many) and pub – Phuket is famous for its crazy selection of bars and pubs. If your thing is go-go bars with the girls or an evening in an English pub, Phuket has what it takes to keep you busy.

  • Go shopping in shopping malls or street markets – Shopping malls commonly close late, at around 9:00-9:30pm so you have extra time to fill your baggage with tons of souvenirs and presents.

  • Play night golf or mini golf – Phuket is famous for its golf courses, but it is not well known for its night golf courses! Why play a round of golf in the blazing sun when you can play in the evening and night much cooler temperatures. On Bangtao Beach there is also a mini golf course where you can have some serious family fun.

  • Go clubbing, discos or beach lounges – Patong is a center for some top class nightclubs and other clubbing scenes, hosted by world known DJs. Surin Beach is now famous for its beach clubs and beach lounges right on the sand, playing your favorite Café Del Mar, Buddha Bar and later in the night your favorite club music.

  • Explore Phuket Town at night – if you are more into walking around, taking photos and letting the sidewalks take you around then Phuket Town is your scene. The old Phuket town is worth the walk and of course a stopover at some of the street pubs and cafes.

  • Go for a beach walk, watch the sunset and grab a cocktail – Walk the long stretch of the Bangtao and Layan Beach, stopping along the way to enjoy the stunning sunset and beach cocktails in one of the many beach bars. Surin and Patong Beaches are also famous for enjoying the sunset and sipping on an evening drink.

Massage pleasures in Phuket

Phuket offers a great selection of dining outlets

Phuket Fantasea Show

Stunning sunsets in Phuket


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