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Phuket Photos

Phuket is a great place to take photos. You will find all kinds of unique scenes to photograph in small streets of old Phuket town, amazing scenes on the Phuket fishing port and in temples around the Island. We love to take photos, we have adventured all over Phuket looking for this special shot and we are delighted to be able to publish some of these photos to share on the internet. We hope you will enjoy our collections and visit often as we will add new photos on a regular basis. Thank you for your visit and we hope you will enjoy these shots as much as we do.

Phuket Town Chinese medicine shop
This is a selection of seeds and other herbs commonly found in old Chinese medicine shop in Phuket Town. These old Chinese medicine shops are found along Thalang road, they offer a wide selection of ancient Chinese remedies to cure common sicknesses, from the flu to rheumatism to remedies for lowering your blood pressure. Note that the shop keepers do not speak much English.
Beautiful island of Phuket with its coral and white sand beaches
While travelling along the coastal road from Patong to Kamala (or Kamala to Patong) stop on the way to discover beautiful sceneries. The photo below is taken from a road side restaurant selling "Somtam" (Thai papaya salad - a must have), this view is on Nakalay Beach and up on the hills, on the high-end luxury villa development called Samsara. From the road side restaurant, the view is absolutely amazing and the food is simply great.
Old Phuket Town shop

Rommanee Street is famous for its ancient Sino-Portuguese architecture and popular amongst photographers of Phuket. The shop owners on this street have been taking very good care of their shop or house front which has made this street famous worldwide. If you are planning to visit the Old Phuket Town, do not miss visiting this street and the temple next door.

Surin Beach community hall

This is not a temple but a community hall located on Surin Beach, used for special occasions and national holiday festivities. The Surin community hall is located right at the entrance of the beach before the parking area, surrounded by gardens, a kid’s playground and 2 fresh water lakes. If you drop by Surin Beach, take a quick walk in this area as well.

Old Phuket Town Chinese medicine shop

The old Phuket town has many of these ancient Chinese medicine shops which have been opened for decades. These businesses are family owned and generally the parents of newer generations are running these places. Frequented by the local Thais, these medicine shops offer a wide variety of herbal medicines but to fully understand what these are you need to be guided by a Thai person speaking English. The shop owners rarely speak any English so it impossible to understand what is what. Some of the medicines will have a small English explanation but only very few. Worth visiting just to discover the myriad of plants and potions.

Long Tail Boat in Phuket
Long tail boats in Phuket (and coastal Thailand) are traditional fishing boat and can also be rented to visit Phang Nga Bay. A long tail boat consists of a shallow wooden hull and inboard engine with a long driveshaft which permit the boat to access shallow coastlines and beach like in the Phang Nga bay. The engine is generally a powerful diesel engine sitting right at the back on top of the boat, keeping the engine dry from sea water. These boats are found everywhere in Phuket except in yacht marinas.
Seaside fisherman house in Phuket
Photo taken in the northeast of Phuket looking over to the Phang Nga Bay and the Phang Nga islands. These fisherman houses are common in this part of the island away from the popular tourist beaches. Most of the fisherman were gypsies in the old days but now they have settled, living in remote areas of the island living from the sea.
Big Buddha Phuket
The Big Buddha (or Giant Buddha) is perched 400 meters above sea level on the hills separating Karon and Kata from the rest of Phuket. If you travel South of Phuket, looking right on top of the hills you will easily see this massive 45 meters high Buddha statue towering the entire Phuket. Read more about the Big Buddha by clicking here
Thai Monk
Photo of a Buddhist Thai monk performing his duties at the temple and posing a couple seconds for the photo. Temples in Phuket and Thailand are overwhelmed with shinny decorations, statues and Buddha images. While staying in Phuket, you can easily visit many temples and see what it is all about. We recommend visiting the Chalong Temple which is one of the biggest and most visited temple in Phuket. Click here for more details on Chalong Temple.
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